Carnival Games VR Gets A Trailer Ahead Of PSVR Launch

2K has released a trailer for Carnival Games VR which will be available on PSVR from October 28th. The experience will feature 12 carnival games and allow players to interact with NPCs around the park. Each game will give out tickets which can be redeemed for virtual prizes, though these tickets are also required to unlock the various games around the park. The activities will include things like ring toss, shooting gallery, and a haunted house.

Source: Youtube

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  1. wow, minigame collection shovelware already?

  2. Sounds pants. The biggest dissapointment is when the carnival games start releasing. Usually the sign it’s gone the way of the wii.

    Hopes currently on tethered.

  3. I think this is to be expected, VR is a new technology, so devs are still getting to grips with it to see what works.. If you think about it, for the past 20+ years (since the original playstation) everything has been an iteration of what has gone before whereas this is actually something completely new.

    Most of the new games that released with PS4 (and Xbox) were sequels to earlier games. That doesnt work on VR, so devs need to completely rethink how to use the hardware. You cant just do Call of Duty VR, without thinking about how to stop the player running into the wall, or throwing up when you snatch the view away from them..

    As the hardware matures, the games are going to get better and I personally, am convinced this is the way gaming is going to go in the future, but for now, you cant expect someone to paint the Sistine Chapel, the first time they pick up a paint brush.

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