Real World Football Stadiums Come To Cities: Skylines

Great news for Chelsea, PSG, Juventus and Barca fans, your team’s stadium is included in the Cities: Skylines Stadiums: European Club Pack! Now you can plonk this handful of real world stadiums into the heart of your burgeoning city, and soak in some of the footballing atmosphere. Do yourself a favour and turn the sound off on the trailer, so you can hum the Match of the Day theme tune instead.


This bundle will set you back $5.99/£4.79, and they actually tie in with the free Match Day expansion which came to the game a few months ago, which allowed you to build these major sports venues and try to bring in more cash to your city’s coffers with the influx of people.

The only slight disappointment is that you can only have one of these stadiums in your city at a time. If Colossal Order add some more, it’d be quite fun to allow for certain real world city rivals to sit within the same city.


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  1. But the big question is, does it feature English football holigans? if not, they have failed.

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