News Snatch: Skyrim, Skylanders, Insecure Pokémon, And The Last Guardian

Well hello there, time for another News Snatch which has been slightly delayed from it’s usual Friday slot as I was out being a supermodel. Actually true, I spent the day in a freezing cold warehouse in Manchester being photographed wearing various tops.

Anyway, enough of my exciting life, back to the slightly rubbish bits of news that never made it to a full post, starting with a trailer for the Skylanders TV series which is coming to Netflix. As with all things on Netflix it looks like it could be rather good.


You could win €50,000 (which due to Brexit is around £4.20 in proper money) in the Watch Dogs 2 film contest. Your film must include a smartphone and must be between 5 seconds and not exceed 5 minutes. For more information click this link.

Doom has been updated and now includes the much-anticipated Arcade Mode, which transforms the campaign into a competitive fast-paced, score-based challenge. The free update also brings Classic DOOM modules to SnapMap, allowing you to build new maps using assets based on the original games.
Deeply insecure ghost/fairy-type Pokémon Mimikyu, a new character in Pokémon Sun and Moon, has released a rap video about himself and why he wears a Pikachu disguise. Obvs.

The PlayStation 3 version of Final Fantasy XIV will be shut down in the summer of 2017 but you can upgrade for free to the PlayStation 4 version as long as you do it before Sunday, December 31, 2017.

Head on over to the Mog Station for details of the upgrade procedure.

Gears of War 4 is getting a load of fixes and tweaks in the coming months, click here to find out what the developers have planned.

Funcom have announced Hide and Shriek, “a ticket to quick, fun ten-minute multiplayer matches” in which two players attempt to scare each other.

News reaches us that the Xbox One could get backwards compatibility stretching all the way back to the age of the original Xbox console. However, Microsoft legend and skilled purchaser of houses, Phil Spencer, explained that whilst they could work on the backwards compatibility, they are not.

Phil was asked if original Xbox console backwards compatibility would come to One on that Twitter and replied.

This important and breaking news has caused numerous gaming sites to stop the presses as the cataclysmic and earth shattering news of a thing that isn’t, and probably never will, happening, is plastered across the front page.

In other news it was revealed that a trifle peripheral for Sony’s PlayStation 4 could be on the cards but they are not working on it right now, and that the Nintendo Wii was getting patched so it could make delicious hot buttered crumpets but sadly they’re not working on that right now either.

Stay tuned to other websites for the latest news on things that are not happening.

Skyrim launches on PS4 and Xbox One any day now but mods will be limited to 1GB on PlayStation 4, whilst Xbox owners can download up to 5GB of extra gubbins. However, as PS4 mods are limited to only using assets that included in the game so the smaller file size won’t be much of an issue.

Wales Interactive have announced their upcoming horror game Don’t Knock Twice will be coming to PlayStation VR, HTC Vice and Oculus Rift in Q1 2017 with a non-VR version also coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. he game is being developed alongside the upcoming horror film of the same name that stars Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica).

Now you know me, I do like a good horror game, but I’m starting to get a little tired of the what Mark Kermode would call the “quiet quiet quiet BANG” motif. Simply put, everything is quiet and sinister and then SOMETHING HAPPENS WITH A LOUD NOISE. It’s a cheap scare and VR horror games are going to have become a lot more inventive to keep me interested.

And Finally, only five years later that originally planned…

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  1. Console mods are going to fractured because of Sony’s policies. 1GB? That is barely enough for a Dawnguard sized mod and 5GB on X1 is generous by MS but still crap. Then again, PSN barely can support actual games. It seems that what takes hours to download takes an hour on PC and less hours on X1. Mods being downloaded will probably take an entire hour or two because PSN barely works with downloads. And comparing it to the PS3? Really? Of course it’ll look better on PS4. It’s developed on an X1. That said, they couldn’t compare it to PC as well, the average PC gamer can make their Skyrim look better then the remaster. Sony needs to update it’s policies on mods though if MS and Sony are starting to turn consoles into glorlified PCs, that is a dumb decision. COnsoles are meant to be cheaper alternatives to PC. If i want a PC, I’ll buy one. If I want to just sit back, relax and play a game by inserting it into the console, waiting for the bastard to install without having to check the specs, I’ll get a console.

    If consoles become PCs, I’m going PC only in the future.

    Skylanders is still a thing? Wow. Could have sworn it died out last year.

    Real mature, a Brexit joke. Everyone knows we’ll be trading in biscuits and have a biscuit backed system when we’re out. :P

    I miss the days where a game didn’t need tweaking and patching after launch. Most of the time.

    FF14, Looks like PS4 is the direction I take for it.

    X1 on X1 would be rather confusing. I mean, there’s X1 games from a decade ago then there’s X1 games now. So would it be called OX or XO? Because I don’t think that is a good name for it. If X360 games can be played on the X1, surely the X1 can play X1 games from a decade ago? Or is it a streaming thing? Stupid MS and their X1 naming X1 ways.

    TLG is finally happening? If it’s another Duke Nukem Forever, the internet may rip itself apart. Though that tends to always be the risk every day. Here’s a tip: Never mention Jaffa Cakes on a biscuit or cake forum. Easiest way to get banned and start wars. :P

    • Maybe it’s just your internet, no download have ever taken me more than half an hour maximum. Get virgin they do a gaming specific deal, your download will be fast.

      As for mods, I mean if you truly want to enjoy them, you wouldn’t get a console but a PC to truly appreciate them. Mods coming to console is a step forward, who knows by next gen they will have it figured out.

      • I’m going off by memory and from what i’ve heard. PS3(when I had the internet properly) apparently, PS4 suffers from slower dowwnloads because of a bandwidth limit put in place by Sony.

        I know about mods and tis the major reason why I seek to get a gaming PC. That and massive back library.

      • No idea about bandwidth restrictions etc but all I know is my PS4 downloads in less that 30 mins compared to my Xbone which roughly takes at least 45mins to an hour. But I think download speeds are all based on your provider rather than the system you on

      • @JustTaylorNow

        “But I think download speeds are all based on your provider rather than the system you on”


      • Steven, stop talking out of your bottom else it’s straight to bed and no cake for you.

  2. Xbox downloads and installs faster than PS4? That’s news to me. My PS4 is significantly faster at those tasks than my nephew’s Xbox One. Granted my internet speed is higher than his but isn’t that what that issue is mainly about? Besides, most of my downloads is done while doing something else or while being away from the house (setting the PS4 into rest mode).

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