(Updated) Windlands Is Currently Priced Above RRP On EU PSN Store

While we wait for the full store update to go live some of today’s games are already available to purchase. Among these is the PSVR title Windlands though if you are in Europe and are interested in purchasing it you should hold off for a bit. Windlands’ RRP is supposed to be £19.99 but an error has seen the cost shoot up to £32.49. Psytec Games has issued a statement on the matter.

Windlands released today on the European Playstation Stores at the wrong intended retail price. This was our mistake, and we are working to resolve this as soon as possible.

We don’t expect this issue on the North American stores.

Thanks for your understanding and patience while this issue is being resolved. We are sorry for anyone affected. We will update you when we have more information.

If you have already purchased Windlands at the high price you’ll have to wait and see what steps will be required to get the difference refunded back.

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Update: The pricing issue has now been resolved with Windlands now priced at £18.99. The developer has advised those who purchased the game for the wrong price to contact PlayStation customer services to receive a partial refund.

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  1. Oh, i was about to do a sarcastic slow clap. Fair enough and good for them for owning up to the mistake.

    Whether SCEE will fix it or SCEEfixit aka “it’s on the list of things to do but we’ll never do it unless we really have to.” remains to be seen.

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