$1 PS Vita Game Gets You A Platinum Trophy For Tapping The Screen 10,000 Times

You may have picked up the utterly pointless but oddly addictive Cookie Clicker on your iDevice and now – if you are in Trumpland  – you can pick up My Name Is Mayo for just $1. The premise is exactly the same – tap this screen.

However, 10,000 taps on your PS Vita or equivalent button presses on the PS4 version will net you 51 Trophies to unlock including a Platinum.


You do have to wonder why a game like this can have a Platinum, but other lengthier and more involved PSN games do not.

Source: YouTube

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  1. I’d be tempted on 2 easy plats if this was released in the UK!

    • Right behind you on that fella.

  2. honestly, i think i’d rather have the dollar.

  3. What’s the purpose of the game exactly, you JUST tap?? Is it just meant to be funny?

  4. I’m surprised Sony allowed it to have 51 trophies especially a platinum.

  5. This is hilarious and wonderful! I’ll probably buy it if it comes out over here and I’d love to see some sales stats.

  6. I’d buy that for a dollar.

  7. I’m not really interested in this but where can I get a dollars credit from for erm research purposes…

    • I suspect you can’t. In the same way you can’t put less than £5 on a UK account, I think the minimum is probably $5.

      But that’d involve having a card with a US address, not just the usual “PSN account that magically has a US zip-code attached to it, despite presumably millions of accounts having the same handful of famous zip-codes”.

      You can get $10 cards from various places though.

      Or wait and see if it comes to the EU store, presumably for £0.99. Or whatever $0.99 is since someone discovered the antidote to one massive fuckup plummeting the value of the pound is apparently “an even bigger fuckup”.

      Then you can happily sit there clicking pointlessly and presumably waiting for the world to end.

      • Luckily for me I had Canadian$2.49 in my account and it costs Can$1.50. so I got it and it’s super easy platinum. Damn you stupid trophies stopped me playing Skyrim in 4K all day.

        There is a story mode to it too, which I found out after spamming my new Ps4 Pro controller X button for about 40 minutes.

    • knew it you whore! Love that someone replied with a rather serious and lenghty answer too.

      • Haha I wouldn’t just play the game for the trophies, honest.

  8. Well that game is there for those that wish to catch up to me =P

  9. I’m disgusted with myself as I gobbled it up on day one but then had to wash myself afterwards. Although I thought they was more to it than just tapping to be fair. The only clicker I’ve ever vaguely enjoyed is Plantera.

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