Sony’s New Mash Up Advert Is PS4 King Good

In what is fast becoming tradition Sony have released their latest mash up advert in which player journeys through the many lands you can find in PlayStation universe. In the latest one a King steps in to Call of Duty, God of War, and Horizon: ZeroDawn.

As usual the video is packed with easter eggs, the King wears a patch from Destiny and has banners from Assassin’s Creed in his palace, and there’s a great nod to Street Fighter as well. If you spot any others post them in the commenst section, Crash Bandicoot has to be in there somewhere!
Source: YouTube

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.


  1. There is also another part to this video, the king sitting with the hammer in flames

  2. It’s worth mentioning that the original Facebook video is twice as long and has wayyyyy more easter eggs.

  3. The king is a bit of a weed!

  4. The lack of multiplayer must be a nod to No Mans Sky.

  5. Also, Blanka isn’t even in Street Fighter V right?! ?

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