News Snatch: Battlefield 1, Woorld, And Classic Consoles With A Twist

Hey there, welcome back to News Snatch where we begin with a comparison video of Battlefield 1 running on a standard PS4 and also a PS4 Pro. Frankly I am bored of these already, can we just assume that games run a bit better and look a bit prettier on PS4 Pro?

A few weeks ago Red Faction was rated for PlayStation 4, it looks like it will be joined by Red Faction 2.

The Martian VR Experience is coming to PlayStation VR today and is based on the Matt Damon movie. Ridley Scott is an executive producer so the signs are it could be awesome, and if you have a HTC Vive you will also be able to pick up.

<To the tune of the ITN News At Ten> Obvious News do do de doo de do, Ob-vi-ous News do do de doo do do! News! That is! Obvious! A bing-bong-bing-bong </>

Power Up Gaming asked Xbox mouthpiece and a man desperately in search of a vowel for his surname, Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb,  just why PlayStation 4 was getting more exclusive content, be it DLC or timed exclusivity.

“They [Sony] just decided to write a lot of cheques,” said Larry.

That is an earth shattering revelation there, who could have guessed that was the answer?!?

NieR: Automata may come to Xbox One, if the PC and PlayStation 4 games do well enough. It’s odd that fanboys never consider this sort of thing, PlayStation gamers will effectively fund the development of the Xbox version, so maybe everyone should just hug and be friends?

Anyway, the game will also come to super sexy PlayStation 4 Pro support. “Yes, it will be optimized for the PS4 Pro,” said NieR: Automata producer Yosuke Saito. “It will keep the 60 FPS while we are trying to optimize it to have 4K quality graphics as well.”

Sony have revealed a new Green Camouflage Dualshock 4 which will be available in Europe early next year. Lovely.

Katamari creator Keita Takahashi’s new game, WOORLD, lets you build an AR toilet.

The original Sega Megadrive is back in production but with a few enhancements such as an SD card to load games. However it will also play the original Megadrive cartridges, but you do need to go to Brazil to buy it.

Staying in that era, I have just bought this. It turns in to Optimus Prime. IT IS AWESOMESAUCE!

Here’s a tutorial video for Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island, because none of you know how to play platform games.

And Finally, a question. Why was everyone so bloody excited about Skyrim on Nintendo Switch? We almost had Oblivion on PSP!

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  1. Holy burrito, a PS1 Transformer!! TC, please update your post with a picture of it as Optimus so I don’t have to google what he looks like. Awesome.
    I’m working on a mini PS4 retro console, sadly it doesn’t transform but it should emulate. Pictures on the way as soon a I’m finished drilling holes.

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