You Can Play Doom On The New MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar

But can it run Crysis?

Over the years, people have managed to port Doom to just about everything you can think of. It’s been ported and hacked onto cash machines, printers, graphical calculators, the NES mini, the Apple Watch, and even within Doom itself.

That Apple Watch is the most salient one here, as it’s driven by a chip not too dissimilar to the touch bar in the latest version of the MacBook Pro. The rather enterprising diffractive – b3ll has got this up and running in a fashion that puts those so-called “ultra wide” PC monitors to shame.

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  1. Astounding, impressive and pointless! I’m more excited by Doom within Doom, that’s horrendously cool, I wonder how many Doom within Dooms are possible? And if you forget how deep you’ve gone what happens?

  2. Hate the new MBP. They seem to strip away more and more useful features with each new release. I’m convinced that in 5 years time it will just be an empty box!* And people will still buy it.

    *you’re seeing it wrong.

  3. So I can’t even buy Doom for Mac on Steam but yet it can be played on this?
    But annoying!
    Also for what it’s worth, I hope the new generation of MacBooks fail catastrophically and Apple figure out they can’t dictate tech changes. There’s trying to evolve and then there’s treating your customers like turds.

  4. But why? I mean, who thinks to themselves? “You know, being able to see the damn thing is soooo last generationn. I know, I’ll get it running on the pro bar and play it that way!” Who does that? There’s Doom on steroids, there’s Doom within Doom, there’s the fecking Doomtrain that once got suplexed by Sabin and then there’s wtfitdoom. It has got to be really uncomfortable to play and potentially eye straining due to the tiny amount of room.

    Oh and #feckapple. Why? Apparently, USBs are “Unneccessary.” Since when did the simple concept of being able to insert mouses, dongles, wifi devices, chargers via USB become a thing that is now considered bad? I mean, there’s Apple being fancy and then there’s being a grade A pretentious snob that sells the remove of one of the most basic fecking functions of laptops. Why the feck would you remove that? WHY!? And don’t tell me because it looks good. Feck looks. Laptops are meant to be portable systems! Not portable but god help you if you need to use anything as you have to carry a lot of crap with you.

    What’s next? Removing the touchpad mouse and using one’s bleep to control it? Or removing the keyboard and using a touchscreen pen?


    That’s going to happen isn’t it?

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