RIVE Update Will Add Normal Difficulty Mode And Challenges

Two Tribes has announced details of what update 1.1 will bring to RIVE, with the main additions being a Normal difficulty mode as well as Challenges. When I played RIVE for review one of the biggest frustrations at times could be the spikes that slowed things down at times where the main draw of the game was essentially running and gunning. Challenges will change and have different tiers for bronze, silver, and gold while Battle Arenas are endless stages where you try to survive for as long as possible.

The changelog is below.

  • CHG: Lots of difficulty tweaks in earlier missions, including increased field of view in some difficult areas
  • CHG: Mission 1 extended
  • ADD: Replaced the in-game Soft Mode with a Normal difficulty level, which is directly selectable from the main menu. (The teddy bear icon has left the building. Instead, you now get a star when you play on Hard. Because you’re a star to us, geddit?)
  • ADD: Daily Challenges (descriptions only in English for now), including new Shield pick-up, low-gravity condition and auto-rotating fire
  • ADD: 3 endless Battle Arenas
  • FIX: Secret pick-ups can be picked up again (sorry about that)
  • DEL: Norris achievement (we replaced it with three Challenges achievements)
  • CHG: Lots of small fixes

Two Tribes has confirmed it is working on ports of RIVE for other platforms but there are no further announcements in that regard. Update 1.1 will roll out today on Steam and later on PS4.

Source: Steam

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