Xbox Store’s Black Friday Sale Is Now Open To All

Fancy picking up a few games on the cheap in the yearly sales bonanza that is Black Friday? If you’re looking for something for Xbox One and/or PC, you might want to check out the offers on the Xbox Store. These discounts went live for everyone yesterday, having been exclusive to Xbox Live Gold subscribers since the 18th. They’re running until early next week, so there’s plenty of time to hem and haw.

Those with Xbox Live Gold subscriptions can get up to 10% extra off the vast majority of the offers, but not all. Gears of War 4, for example, is a flat 40% off with or without, which takes it down to a rather appealing £25.04, while Forza Horizon 3 is £32.49. Both of these games come under the Xbox Play Anywhere banner, meaning you get them for both Xbox One and PC if you buy digitally, which could give them a slight edge over similarly priced physical copies at other retailers.


There’s also plenty of other major games from this year. Hitman’s full season can be had for £22.50, Dirt Rally For £22, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided for £25 and Far Cry Primal for just £12!

Here’s the full list of Xbox One and Xbox 360 games on offer, courtesy of the one and only Madge Nelson. Let us know if you spot any cracking deals on there, and keep an eye out for more deals to be added on Black Friday itself.

Xbox One Deals

Xbox 360 Deals

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  1. Looks like the PSN sale starts early too according to my email – midnight tonight. Hopefully they’ll have a BF1 deal as well.

  2. Going wait for PSN sale first & compare the prices. Who ever is the cheapest gets purchased on. I haven’t bought an Xbone game since Gears 4

    • I’d warrant that Forza Horizon 3 is cheaper on Xbox.

  3. *Flips the desk* It’s not friday! Lying sods!

    Seriously, when did Black Friday turn into five days(Feck you, Morrisons! NO! YOU DO NOT DO THAT!) or 2 weeks or a wednesday?

    What in’s god name is happening? Would have delaying it to friday with a run over for saturday due to the nature of digitial stores and gamers been so bad?

    This…. is very unbritish and makes me ought to run for Prime Minister. #MakeBlackFridaystayBlackFridayagain.

    As for the deals, seems to be the standard but superb discounts.

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