HyperMode To Be Active This Weekend In Dying Light

This weekend Techland are activating HyperMode within Dying Light which will improve character strength and motor skills. During the event, which begins on November 25th and ends November 27th, there will be a community target which will require the killing a total of five million zombies. If the community is successful all participating players will receive a skin pack which includes three buggy paint jobs, a character outfit, and a gold tier weapon.

Source: Press Release

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  1. This weekend? “During the event, which begins on December 25th”??

    I’ve made a terrible mistake! Better get some shopping done.

    • Don’t know what you’re talking about… ;)

      • That’s a bit sneaky, but kind of good to know I haven’t accidentally slept for a month and forgot to buy some stuff. And, more importantly, go to see The Cure next week. Sod christmas, a bunch of dodgy old goths is far more important ;)

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