Hello Games Announces The Foundation Update For No Man’s Sky, Out Soon

Hello Games has opened up about what has been going on over at the studio since the launch of No Man’s Sky, with the team announcing that the main focus has been on what they are calling the Foundation Update. This update will be bringing base building to No Man’s Sky but it is also the first step in a far larger journey for the game. Patch notes haven’t been released yet.

There was also some talk about the reception to No Man’s Sky post launch.


The discussion around No Man’s Sky since release has been intense and dramatic. We have been quiet, but we are listening and focusing on improving the game that our team loves and feels so passionately about.

Positive or negative feedback, you have been heard and that will truly help to make this a better game for everyone.

It’s the first time we’ve really heard of anything substantial regarding the game since September and it will likely take a lot of time and effort for Hello Games to bring around a community that felt No Man’s Sky didn’t reach the expectations that were anticipated.

Source: Hello Games

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  1. Oh, so they’re not all dead? Good to know.

  2. I wanted to like it so much when it was released but when you’re forcing yourself to play it then it’s probably not to be. Still, I’ll give them every opportunity to make it what they feel it should have been.

  3. As you touch the monolith suddenly a being appears. You can choose to attack or to wait. You choose to wait and the being rewards your patience with new technology.

    • Clever! I always, always tried my very best to pick the patient, wise or honest answer, but regularly got slapped in the face by the monolith’s disappointed stick. I’m hoping the patch notes include ‘The universe is now less harsh on the naive and innocent.’

      • I’ve failed a few of those logic puzzles too – especially annoying when i thought i was making the correct choice! :) At least once you learn enough of the language you get an extra hint.

  4. I’m just glad they’ve released a statement so soon,before it blows up in their face and things get out of hand.Imagine if they hadn’t said a word and ceased all communication for months on end,now that would’ve been a fiasco.

  5. Someone on the NMS reddit had started a countdown to 100 days since they had said anything about the game and they made this statement just before it expired.

  6. I still love the game for what it is so I’m very excited for news about expanding the game further. Can’t wait :)

  7. Exciting news. Still playing this game even after buying several since. Just keep going back to it. Bought for £45 day one and probably had most value compared to all my other games.

  8. It’s Alive!
    And i’m still trying to wrap my head around the patch notes – it’s a huge update, survival mode, creative mode, base building, photo mode, improved visuals, new mining tech, freighters…. more natural terrain and flora clusters… stackable resources.. and more
    Awesome work Hello Games!

    • It is massive!! Strikes me that this totally changes the game, gone is the push for the centre. I love the look of the bases, the freighters look too big and empty so hopefully hiring crew will soon be a thing but all the Minecraftey features seem great. It’s all very promising, I’ll definitely be going back to NMS now!

  9. More details at http://www.no-mans-sky.com/foundation-update/

    Lots there. Some interesting extras, some fixes, some weird things (what sort of monstrosity requires support for 8 mouse buttons??)

    More vibrant blue skies.

    There’s a video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hI9PvjJJijY

    Which appears to have new music in. Or at least, a version of the music I’ve never come across. (There’s a slightly different sounding version of the main piano theme with a nice piano arpeggio behind it)

    Oh, and it’s live now. Version 1.11. A 2.712GB download.

    I give it until about 2PM before the internet starts moaning about it. I bet there’s something in that video that someone can’t find after 12 minutes and so declares it to be a lie.

    • New elements discovered already. And I need a Haz-Mat Gauntlet, but I don’t know how to get it.

      Photo mode is hidden away in the options. Just toggles the UI on and off.

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