ARK: Survival Evolved Passes PS4 Certification

ARK: Survival Evolved has been a long time coming to the PS4, announced over two years ago for the console. In that time we’ve seen an Xbox One release, ARK: Survival Of The Fittest announced for console and then rolled back into Survival Evolved, and confirmation there are no early access plans for the game on PS4. Now though there is some light at the end of this long tunnel as Abstraction Games confirmed over the weekend that ARK: Survival Evolved passed certification on PS4.

A release date is yet to be confirmed and that will be negotiated between Sony and Studio Wildcard, but with ARK now being certified for release on PS4 you probably won’t have to wait long.

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  1. WTF is this. Sony letting a build of a modable early access title on the PS4. WHY???

  2. now we just have to wait and see how long scee delays it for.

  3. Ark, why does that seem familiar and not the good type?

    Is it one of those micromanagement survival sims where you have to keep track of a bazillion different bars and god help you if you so much as lose 25% of the bar and then waste the rest trying to find an obscure thing that refills it?

    If so,

    It will go on a list but not THE list. It will go on the list of N….naa…. err..



    and finally, NO. Complete with NO meme as the artwork.

    If not, must be another Steamlight game i was thinking of.

    As for it coming to PS4, i’m guessing it’ll get a pro patch but if it is indeed a superb game then the PS4 will get the No Man Sky it always wanted.

    Yes, I took a shot. I fired a shot. I went there. BRING IT ON! *tears shirt and stands up on comment!*

    • No, it isn’t, Steven. Top level of bollocks spouted, fella. :-)

      You can adventure to your hearts content or embrace the building side of things – and god knows you’ll want somewhere safe – which is a joy in itself. Ark had some of the best “adventure” moments I’ve ever experienced in my entire life of video-gaming, especially the first few (real world) days of it.

      Saying that, it was with company so being on your own in there might not be as much fun. Can’t comment on that.

      • That’s what i’m here for. :-)

        I should run for PM shouldn’t I? :-p

  4. An early access game where the developer was more interested in selling DLC than completing the core game for those who had already paid? I won’t be rushing into it.

    • Not sure how the community’s reaction has hit development but everyone was very vocal initially which is fine with me. It felt very wrong from a how-to-treat-your-customers point-of-view.

      • Good to know folks weren’t complacent about it, hopefully the developer (and others) will take heed.
        I still probably won’t have time for it though – just as i was weaning myself off NMS to dedicate time to other games, the new update arrived and NMS has taken over my life again! :)

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