Rollercoaster Dreams Release Date Pushed Back To December 22nd

Bimboosoft has confirmed it has had to delay Rollercoaster Dreams, with a new release date being set at December 22nd. The game is coming to PS4 and PSVR with the main aim to create and expand a theme park. With the VR headset players will be able to walk around theme parks and ride the coasters as well as interact with other theme park attractions. You’ll be able to visit parks created by other players and sample their custom rides.

The reason for the delay is to optimise the VR portion of Rollercoaster Dreams, with a focus on negating any motion sickness issues. Rollercoaster Worlds will also have PS4 Pro optimisation.

Source: Bimboosoft

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  1. I feel a rollercoaster game won’t be complete without motion sickness.

    Hope they let us turn off any comfort settings they include for this one.

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