PlayStation Communities App Available From November 30th On iOS And Android

Sony will be releasing a PlayStation Communities app from tomorrow for Android and iOS devices, bringing the PS4 feature to mobile. The app will allow you to do everything that the Communities feature does on the PS4, such as posting comments and joining groups that interest you. There will be a notifications system that alerts you when someone responds to one of your posts, or tags you in one.

The Communities app will sync up with the other PlayStation apps, with those receiving updates tomorrow too.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. But it won’t let you post pictures of skellingtons straight from your PS4.

    Or mummies, but they don’t count anyway.

    • They were mummified by the elements (in RotTR), not by a trained mummifier. Skellingtons were still present and intact … just covered by their mummified skin ;)

      • They may well have contained skellingtons under the skin, but it still doesn’t count. Not after so many better quality skellington pictures.

        I should have been taking pictures while recently playing Fallout 4, which is basically just a Skellington Simulator. But I didn’t, and now I’ve moved on to FF15, and you know how that’s going to end up! (I shall not be sharing the picture of what appears to be sexual misadventure with a giant flan ;)

      • While I enjoy the skellington pictures I’m way more interested in the flan shag, please do share!

      • I’ll see if he saved the photo at the end of the day. You get to look at your photos for the day when you use a campsite or hotel, but they don’t get saved unless you do it manually. So his encounter with the giant flan might still be there, or it might not. I’ll have a look later.

        And he wasn’t shagging it. I think it was more a case of “Behold my mighty genitals! Yes, right up close in your face. You like that, don’t you? You giant gelatinous whore!”

        Ok, I’ll definitely find it later, as you’ve given me an excuse to use the words “giant gelatinous whore”, which was on my list of phrases I never thought I’d get to use.

  2. They really need to focus on combining all features into one app, not creating half a dozen as though this is the nineties.

    • Lol apps didn’t exist in the 90s!

      • But you did have a separate device for any single thing a smart-phone could do nowadays!

      • Yes they did, on PCs. You know app… application, software etc.

        Oh dear.

  3. Yes,we are looking at you separate message app!

    • Blame Facebook. They started it with some dubious claim that it’s better to have the messaging separate from the main Facebook app.

  4. This is great. Having different apps is slightly annoying but I’m just glad we have an app at all.
    I often browse the communities but never lost because of the ps controller interface being so clunky.
    This will hopefully keep me entertained on breaks at work now. (and when I’m not on break as well)….

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