The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Is Now Backwards Compatible On Xbox One

Bethesda has confirmed that The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is now backwards compatible on Xbox One. That means you can now return to Cyrodiil, and try to avoid the adoring fan. I guess you could also try and help save the world by closing some Oblivion gates. Obviously some of you may be opting to play Skyrim Special Edition instead to get your Elder Scrolls fix.

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  1. seems like, if you’re an Elder Scrolls fan, or a Fallout fan for that matter, the xbox one is the console to own.
    just stick the disc in BC and proper mod support.
    two features sony won’t allow on the ps4.

    • If you like elder scrolls games and like mod support, pc is the only platform in contention

    • Just play it on PC for mods. Literally hundreds to thousands available and free!

      That and I am seriously doubtful Bethesda will add in mod support for a decade old game. It would be the biggest pain in the backside for them due to Gamebryo being beyond obselete and behaves when it wants to.

  2. Or one could avoid the Backwards stuff and being able to play it being questionable by getting it on PC. Tons of mods and more stable.

    I would heavily recommend not looking at it as you would Skyrim. There are Classes, Leveling attributes, skills and the level scaling is a bit crap. It is very much worth picking it up but if you’re going to use the “But, Steven, look at the graphics, it’s crap!” excuse. You are a fool. Hate it when people dimiss games because of “Teh old grapix r crap.”. Yes, it’s kinda aged badly due to the art style and yes, you can see where they’ve morphed model body and heads but it is a superb game. One of my favourite open world RPGs.

    And yes, I am getting on PC when I can. Tons of mods.

    • But we want Patrick Stewart on a 4K TV…

  3. One of the best rpg’s ever. Great addition to bc.

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