Titanfall 2 Free Multiplayer Trial Taking Place From November 30th

EA and Respawn has confirmed that there will be a free trial for Titanfall 2’s multiplayer, with EA Access and Origin Access users being able to play from tomorrow on November 30th. The trial will be available from December 2nd for regular Origin users, as well as on PS4 and Xbox One. The trial will include all maps and modes including the Angel City content.

In Multiplayer, all post-launch maps, modes, and weapons will be free for all players. Featuring the fully remastered fan favorite Angel City map from the original Titanfall, Angel City’s Most Wanted introduces additional free content including the Wingman Elite Pistol, six new Titan kits, and a brand new Pilot execution. Angel City’s Most Wanted also gives players the ability to purchase cosmetic items for their Pilot and Titan, including camos, nose art, warpaint, and more starting on December 3rd.

The trial will be available until December 4th.

Source: Titanfall.com

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  1. Means it’s not just that you can play all DLC maps if you bought the game, you can play multiplayer if you haven’t got it, right?

    Then I’ll probably have a go, in spite of originally not being much interested. Reviews were really good.

    They’re trying hard to sell this game…

    • They’ve only released the one map so far but all dlc will be free they’ve said,great game you should indeed give it a go you might like it ;)

      • P.s yeah it’ll just be to let you experience the multiplayer if you don’t have the game.

      • Ok, thanks, I’ll have a go..! :o)

      • Tried it over the weekend, it’s definitely very good, enjoyed it a lot..! :o)

    • can’t recommend this highly enough.
      on and offline its a cracking game!

      • Problem is probably me. The older I get the more I need some proper storyline to keep me interested. Most games of the shootery type have either no story at all, or one written by a 3 year old (or Michael Bay, or those with similarly developed brains). From games like Titanfall I just don’t expect that much for me. But I’ll check it out.

      • Hey, just seen we both joined this community in January 2010… :o)

      • Trouble is it’s just the multiplayer side I believe so you won’t get to experience the story,though in many people’s opinions it has an excellent single player and story,though you might find it a bit Bay’ish I don’t know as at the end of the day it is an Action shooter with platforming puzzle elements,it is a bloody good game all round though and I’m really enjoying the story so far.

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