Battlefield Will Be Taking A Break Next Year

EA has confirmed that there will not be a Battlfield game releasing in 2017, with the release spot being taken by the next Star Wars Battlefront title instead. The announcement was made by EA’s Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen in a speech during the NASDAQ Investor Program. Battlefield 1 released last month and will be getting quite a bit of support through expansion packs that will span most of next year.

There was some discussion regarding the next Battlefront game and how EA are listening to the criticisms of last year’s title. With the new movies coming out the publisher will be using content from them to flesh out the experience of the new Battlefront. A release date and proper details won’t be available until some point in 2017.

Source: Videogamer

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  1. I really hope they make Battlefront 2 what we were expecting the reboot to be…

    • I was hoping for a Star Wars themed Battlefield, that’s it, it would have been perfect for me. Instead it felt like a Disney-hobbled version of the game it should have been, far too nice and a little vacuous.

    • Jar Jar firing squad mode?

  2. galactic conquest!!!

  3. I didn’t expect another Battlefield that soon anyway. I’ve changed my opinion of Battlefield 1 since I’ve bought my own copy – I’m actually enjoying it now.

  4. I heard that EA were going to release Titanfall 3 in the week between Battlefront 2 and Star Wars 2

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