Rainbow Six Siege’s Second Year Will Add Four More Seasons Of Content

I’m a big fan of Rainbow Six Siege’s long term support. The game has built itself quite a solid following, offering something that stands out from the crowds of other shooters, and Ubisoft have been nurturing this as an eSport. Along the way, there’s been the regular addition of new operators and maps, through what Ubi have called seasons of content.

With Year One wrapping up soon, Year Two has just been announced alongside a new season pass. Each season will add two new operators from CTUs that hail from Spain, Hong Kong, Poland and South Korea, alongside a new map set in each region. The first season is set for release in February, with more information on what it will contain coming at the Six Invitational eSports event on 3rd-5th February 2017.


However, as in the first year, you don’t need to buy the season pass to get all of the content that the game has to offer. You can save up the in-game Renown and simply unlock them by playing the game a lot. The Season Pass does offer a number of perks, however.

You get each of the operators unlocked automatically a week before their wider release, as well as exclusive cosmetic items, a 10% discount for the in-game shop, a 5% Renown boost to unlock weapon attachments and cosmetics quicker and space for two extra daily challenges. Finally, there’s 600 R6 Credits, as another avenue to unlock cosmetics, and if you bought the first season pass, you’ll get an additional 600 Credits.

If you’ve yet to buy the game, there’s two ways to get it and second year content like this. The Year 2 Gold Edition includes the base game and the new season pass, while the Complete Edition unlocks the first year’s operators for you as well.

Source: press release, Rainbow Six

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  1. Another full year of support for this game is great though I wish they’d been a little more creative with some of the promised updates. Hopefully there’ll be some surprises throughout the year.

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