Red Dead Redemption And Undead Nightmare Join PS Now Line Up Next Week

Sony has announced that Red Dead Redemption and RDR: Undead Nightmare will be available through the PS Now streaming service from December 6th. This marks the first time Rockstar’s Western title will be available on PC in any capacity, since it was never ported over by the developer.  Red Dead Redemption is available as a backwards compatible title on the Xbox One, and this push on PlayStation will be a way for Rockstar to continue to keep awareness going for the brand ahead of Red Dead Redemption 2’s release next year.

You can download the PC client for PS Now here but be aware that the service is not available in a lot of European nations at the moment.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Really good, but that £12.99 per month price tag is still harsh.

    • Yes I agree. £12.99 is far too steep. It makes it worse as we’re about to see the annual 12 months for the price of weeks worth of rental in USA against UK prices.

    • It’s a ridiculous price, I’m not really sure who it’s aimed at to be honest.
      I really think it should be free with ps+.

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