PaRappa The Rapper, LocoRoco & Patapon Are All Being Remastered For PS4

There’s tons of classics in Sony’s back catalogue that people have been clamouring for more of, and Sony have excelled in tapping into that nostalgia in recent years. Announced on stage at PSX, PaRappa the Rapper, LocoRoco and Patapon are all being remastered for PlayStation 4. Not only that, but they’ll be getting 4K support on PS4 Pro.

We’ll add the trailer here, as soon as it’s online.


To celebrate PaRappa The Rapper’s 20th anniversary, a demo of this is being released today on PSN, so go get rapping!

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  1. I loved LocoRoco but i felt the gameplay was really defined by the tilt mechanic on PSP, not sure how they’ll carry that over to PS4 (more so how it’ll display on screen as obviously the DS4 supports tilt) but i’d nearly buy it anyway for the incredibly charming singing! :)

  2. Class!

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