Final Fantasy XV Update Plans Include Adding More To The Main Story

There’s a growing sentiment that you shouldn’t buy a game at launch, instead waiting a few months for the launch day kinks to be worked out, for DLC to be released, and so on, in order to get the game at its best. By many accounts, Final Fantasy XV is already a great game at launch, but writing on the Square Enix blog, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata does nothing to dispel that notion.

Speaking about plans for the game’s future, he writes that “As I’ve said before, release day is not the end for Final Fantasy XV,” before outlining changes that will be geared towards fleshing out and improving some parts of the main story in the game. All of these changes will be made free via updates, separate from the season pass.


In the shorter term changes will be made to enhance gameplay in Chapter 13, ring magic will be buffed, and so on. Following that, they’ll add to the story with new scenes that could, for example, explain why Ravus does what he did, and even longer term, more characters will be made playable. Giving you more reasons to replay, they’re also looking at adding New Game Plus features like letting you carry stats over from a previous play through, low-level runs and god mode.

You can view this in two ways, I feel. Either you can see it as fantastic commitment from Square Enix to support their game and continue to add new content and reasons to return, or you can scratch your head and look a bit confused as you ponder why these things weren’t in the game at launch after a decade-long development cycle.

How do you feel about this news? Are you looking forward to having more reasons to return, or are you a bit miffed about it all?

Source: Square Enix

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  1. It’s simple. They are perfectionists. Which is why the game took so long to come out and why even though they’ve “finished” making it, they can’t let it go and still want to push that envelope a little bit further because they know they can do better.

    Question is, will anyone care? I’m probably not going to come back to FF XV after I finish the story and get all the trophies. I would rather have those changes in the story when I go through it for the first time, but I also do understand why they’re not going to be there yet.

    The cake has been prepared, people are already cutting into it, but the baker can’t stop putting those extra cherries and icing on top of it. Sure, you can always appreciate the extra bits while you still have the cake, but not really if the icing comes after you’re already done, right?

    • 10 out of 10 for your analogy there. 0/10 for making me hungry.

  2. I’ve not got a problem with this. I’ve watched Kingsglaive and Brotherhood so not struggling with whats going on in game. I’m taking my time with the game so if the updates come out before I finish then its a bonus. If not then it will all depend on whether I’ve got the energy to NG+ it after I’m finished the first run through. Gives me another reason to go back to it at a later date I suppose.

  3. Really? A…


    Not worth the 5 or so minutes it would take for me to do a proper comment on this. Feck the industry!

  4. Ah, chapter 13, which I’ve got to at last. Can’t see why some people are moaning about it. And now they want to make it easier? Sorry, “enhanced gameplay”.

    It’s presumably supposed to be some sort of stealthy bit, but fighting the enemies is so easy that hiding seems unnecessary. Except for 1 enemy, but that appears to be set up so you can’t beat it or hide, you just have to survive for a while.

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