Farm In 4K With Farming Simulator 17’s PS4 Pro Update

Ever wanted those crops in Farming Simulator to be just that little bit clearer? Well good news, because there’s a patch out now for Farming Simulator 17 that adds support for the PS4 Pro.

It’s the good kind of PS4 Pro support that give you lots of options to choose from. You can play at 1080p with 60fps and an improved draw distance when compared to the game on base PS4, or simply boost the resolution up to 1440p with 60fps. Last but not least, if you demand that every pixel on screen is graced with individual care and attention, there’s a full Ultra HD 2160p mode.


The full patch notes are as follows:

  • Added PlayStation®4 Pro Option: Screen Resolution. Full HD (2K/1080p), Quad HD (3K/1440p) and Ultra HD (4K/2160p) are available.
  • Added PlayStation®4 Pro Option: Render Quality. “Enhanced” is only available in Full HD (2K/1080p) and enable a greater Draw Distance.
  • Added global game settings (can be adjusted ingame)
  • Added camera sensitivity option
  • Fixed bunker silos (shovels and other tools not removing material inside walls)
  • Fixed trees falling through ground
  • Fixed multiple selling of same vehicle (Direct Selling)
  • Fixed loca issues
  • Fixed GUI issues (overlaps, money unit update, etc)
  • Fixed loading of removed vehicle configurations
  • Fixed vehicle issues (graphic issues, triggers, particles)
  • Fixed station crane
  • Fixed map issues (terrain, collisions, etc)
  • Fixed animal breeding stats saving (Achievements now also reached when reloading a savegame)
  • Fixed various issues with helpers
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Back at its launch, we said that Farming Simulator 17 was “bigger and better than ever,” and its lasting popularity has told, with this year’s entry selling more than a million copies.

Source: press release

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