Farming Simulator 17 Sells A Million, Amnesia Collection Already In The Black

Two small snippets of business news for you, starting with the utterly ridiculous success of Farming Simulator 17 which has already shifted over a million copies, twice as many as previous games at the point it the sales lifecycle.

Around half of these sales are on PC, but interestingly, the majority of those sales are for the boxed product rather a Steam download. That’ll do pig, that’ll do.


In other news the new chaps at Frictional Games have said that the Amnesia: Collection for PlayStation 4, which was released just three days ago, has already turned a profit.

“It’s certainly great to see a game finding profitability so quickly, and hopefully the success for Frictional Games will lead to more PC games to receive console ports,” the tweeted.

Source: Press release / Twitter

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  1. Awesome news for FS17, the genre clearly isn’t that niche any more. I think there’s 2 new farming simulator IP’s coming out in 2017 that look good, Techland’s Pure Farming and Cattle & Crops.

  2. Very good to hear the small and excellent Nordic developer Frictional Games are doing well. But besides porting old games for financial reasons, I hope they also find time producing another masterpiece like SOMA.

  3. What a great achievement! Hopefully the increase in interest will generate more than just incremental improvements to the game. While it’s a lot of fun there’s so much more that can be done.

  4. Get ready for EA Farming next year, featuring exclusive John Deere vehicles.

  5. Probably bought it on disc copies because rural broadband is too slow to download it digitally!

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