It Appears Ubisoft’s For Honor Will Require Internet For Single Player Campaign

Ubisoft’s For Honor is a game that has garnered some attention for being something a bit different. In it you have Samurai, Vikings, and Knights fighting against each other to gain control of resources in a world where they’re becoming scarce. The combat is melee based and the multiplayer does look interesting for it. For Honor will also have a single player campaign, and now it appears that this campaign will require an internet connection to access. While the overlap between those who own current gen consoles/PCs and those without internet may be slim there is concern about server stability on Ubisoft’s side. There’s also the issue that originally it was stated For Honor single player wouldn’t require a connection.

The news was first confirmed from a private message sent on Ubisoft’s forums which was then posted on NeoGAF. Now Gamespot has received separate confirmation from the publisher stating that For Honor will be an always online experience. Whether this will have an impact on the game’s sales will not be known for some time. A couple of months ago there was confirmation that split screen multiplayer had been dropped. For Honor is set to release on February 14th 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: NeoGAF/Gamespot

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  1. Well thats my pre order cancelled!
    I enjoyed what I saw in the Beta but always online to play SP ruins it for me not with net problems…. it’s the scheduled maintenance and the unsceduled maintenance!
    The Crew was brilliant but with maintenance or PSN being down I couldn’t play it offline same aplies to NSF (I know it’s EA not Ubi)
    I fear for Ghost Recon where you have to be online very much like The Division.

  2. Unless They Have Damn Good Way Of Justifying It, this Will Surely Hurt Sales.

    • sorry For The Caps, swiftkey Is Playing Up On My Phone >.<

      • this Is My Favourite Thing Today.

  3. This, folks, is how to quickly destroy a game’s chances. One that is barely on most people’s radars.

    Well done, Ubisoft. I won’t even sarcastically slow clap.

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