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Have yourself a very yellow Christmas.

Thanks very much for entering. The winners were thee_leg_jake and @timbo3er.

The advent of self-publishing and digital distribution has seen the breadth and depth of videogames explode over the last decade. However, game development is hard, whether it’s the biggest budget AAA game or two friends coding in a bedroom.

Independent By Design: Art & Stories of Independent Game Creation is a book that takes a look at the smaller end of the scale, with journalists John Robertson and Stace Harman talking to the developers behind some of the best independent games of the last few years. These include Dennaton, inXile Entertainment, Roll7, The Chinese Room and plenty more besides.

A Kickstarter project that launched back in 2014, the book has finally been finished, turning the in depth discussions and interviews with these nineteen developers into a gorgeous 240 page hardback. It’s been heading out to backers for the last couple of weeks, but you can also jump on the bandwagon now, buying the book through Amazon or directly from their website, where it’s a little bit cheaper before the end of the year.

Alternatively, you can enter our giveaway this weekend.

We have two copies of the book to give away – one in pristine condition, the other also pristine, but having been gently thumbed for an upcoming feature – and entries are dead simple. All you need to do is comment below, but feel free to tell us what your favourite indie game of all time is as you do so.

Entries are now closed and the winners have been contacted. We will post their online handles here soon. Thanks to all that entered.

Entries close on Monday 19th December at 6PM UK time, and the competition is open to UK residents only – sorry, these are big books to post and we want winners to have them in time for Christmas. Winners will be drawn at random and contacted via their TSA email address or Twitter DM. We’ll post the books as soon as possible to be with you by the end of the week, to fill your Christmas with the yellow glow off its hardback cover. As always, our decisions in all matters are final, including whether or not my having touched the book makes it first or second prize.

So, get entering and good luck!

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  1. Sounds like an interesting read.

  2. This sounds great, would love to win it, if not might pick it up as a Christmas gift to myself :)

  3. Yeah, I’ll have a go at failing to win anything again.

  4. I’d like a copy so much that I’ll promise to buy one if I don’t win. And in terms of favourite I’d probably pick Fez, the story behind it is as amazing and complicated as the game itself so it’s given me stacks of entertainment.

  5. Anyone seen that N64 archive book? Also a kickstarter project I believe?

  6. I’d love to win a copy.

    Anything by Jeff Minter gets my vote!

  7. For me it has to be Gravitation, by Jason Rohrer. Game mechanics, sound and visuals tell you the whole story, and hit you with a simple yet profound message, inside five minutes.

    If you’re a game designer and you haven’t played it yet, then ‘yet’ is the operative word.

  8. For me personally, I think I’ll have to say Thomas was Alone. I was so impressed when that got released on PS3. It had the unusual balance of simplicity and depth, and was created by one man. About as independent as they come, I’d say…

  9. Would LOVE to win one. Best indie game for a long, long time… Inside. Just wonderful in so many ways. :-) I guess Journey could be classed as non-indie because of the deal with Sony.

    Yeah, Inside. Awesome.

  10. Oooh right up my street – I didn’t know this was even available so thanks for the publicity. For me, my favourite indie game of 2016 at least is Move Or Die. It’s coming to PS4 next year and for multiplayer stupidness – I cannot recommend it highly enough. Shout outs to Videoball, Toto Temple Duluxe, Button Frenzy and Ultimate Chicken Horse too. For the single player love – ABZU, Firewatch and Blues and Bullets (please can they finish the series though) all the way.

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