RIGS Winter Season Update Is Out Tomorrow

The first major update to RIGS is out tomorrow, kicking off the Winter Season in what is Sony’s boldest first party title for the PlayStation VR.

Players will travel to a rather frosty looking Zurich map, dominated by cool blues and the lazy hues of a setting sun. It’s the first European map to be added to the game, but truthfully the supposed location takes a backseat to the bespoke arenas you play in, this one taking inspiration from the sunken bowls and ramps of skate parks.


Zurich is added to the game tomorrow, but the APX series Rigs will only start rolling out on 27th December, bringing lighter, faster, more deadly versions of the original Rigs, just with lighter armour that doesn’t offer quite as much protection. The Test Rigs and Vampire Rigs will be the first to get this APX treatment, with Nuke Rigs following on 10th January.

Tomorrow also marks the addition of the first weekly trials, which demand that you complete six successively more difficult trials without failing in order to earn their unique customisation items and a bunch of credits. Those credits can then roll straight into buying other customisation items, or whatever else you fancy in the game.

Source: EU PS Blog

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