The Long War 2 Mod Now Available For XCOM 2 On Steam

Firaxis and 2K games have announced that the Long War 2 mod for XCOM 2 is now available to download through Steam Workshop. This mod adds missions whose difficulty is determined by squad size as well as outside factors such as the Resistance strength in different regions around the world, along with how much presence Advent has. The Long War 2 hasn’t been confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One, though it can’t be completely ruled out as both consoles have opened up a bit to the modding scene.


If you own XCOM 2 on PC then you can grab the Long War 2 mod from here.

Source: Press Release

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  1. Only just finished this game on PS4 last night. Love it. Played through it on easy and it still took me 3 runs to win. I’m not sure I’ve got the balls to go again and up the difficulty, the game is brutal!

  2. XCOM was the 20 hour tutorial for Long War 1. FireAxis actually praised the first mod and used that as a compliment. XCOM by itself can be challenging. Long War added a ton of stuff, made it both easier and harder.

    Long War 2 is going to be interesting but I don’t think it’ll be on the consoles as i think, the team that did it only know how to do it on PC and whilst Fireaxis may be willing to port it due to them loving the first one. There is a bit of an issue with size limits and patches. T

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