Mekazoo Studio The Good Mood Creators Closes Its Doors

The studio behind platformer Mekazoo The Good Mood Creators has confirmed that it is ceasing operations and closing down due to poor sales of the game. Mekazoo scored an 8/10 in our review. In the game you would take control of different animal forms to get through the game’s levels. Producer James Hoag gave a statement to StartReplay about the studio’s closure.

We are saddened to announce the closure of the Good Mood Creators, makers of the title Mekazoo.

The game was released on multiple platforms late in 2016, but the low sales figures did not nearly meet our financial investment in the project.  We had hoped for a very different outcome, and are sure a similar sentiment runs through all companies that meet similar financial struggles.

The most difficult part was to let a team, that has grown close through hard work and passion, know that we could no longer afford to keep striving towards making products we are passionate about.  As a small group of upstart students we are proud of what we did accomplish, unfortunately it was not the outcome we had hoped for. We wish each of our team members the best of luck in their careers.

In addition, we hope that everyone who has purchased Mekazoo, as well as any future purchaser, enjoys a game that has been crafted by a passionate and talented set of people.

Mekazoo itself will not be disappearing, it is and always will be something that can be enjoyed by the people we made it for.

James Hoag


The Good Mood Creators

We would like to wish those who have been affected by the closure luck in finding employment soon.

Source: StartReplay

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  1. This news saddens me particularly as I reviewed Mekazoo and liked it overall. It had its issues, sure, but it was a promising start for a fledgling company that now sadly must go their separate ways. I wish the team all the best in their future endeavours.

  2. I just picked it up on the sale and its a fun game. All the best for them in the future. They have talent.

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