Pokémon Bank Updated With Sun, Moon, Red, Blue & Yellow Support

If you’re into playing Pokémon Sun & Moon online, the metagame is about to change. A lot. The Pokémon Bank 3DS app and subscription service has now been updated to add support for Sun & Moon, as well as support for Pokémon caught in the 3DS Virtual Console releases of Red, Blue and Yellow.

With Sun & Moon having had its own particular subset of returning, new and spin off Pokémon, this now opens the door for a huge number of creatures from previous games that aren’t native to the Alolan islands. In particular, fans will be looking forward to the Red, Blue and Yellow support, with these first generation Pokémon gaining new Abilities, Natures, Sp. Atk and Sp. Def stats as they’re transferred into Sun & Moon.


This isn’t a simple game support update, but also adds some new features, including a National Pokédex that tracks your collection across any game that has been connected to Pokémon Bank, and Adventure Records that show various stats from across you Pokémon playing life.

Holding Pokémon in the Bank will earn you Poké Miles depending on how many you deposit and how long for. These can be turned into Battle Points to spend in Sun and Moon, and if you’re already subscribed to Pokémon Bank, you might find you’ve already got a fair few Poké Miles. It’s worth noting at this point that Pokémon Bank is not free to use, but has a $4.99 yearly subscription.

Last but not least, if access Pokémon Bank between now and 2nd October, you’ll get Mewnium Z, the Z-Crystal for Mew that cannot be earned through normal play. A Mew that knows the Psychic move will be able to use the Genesis Supernova Z-Move as a consequence.

Source: press release

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