Three Pieces Of Final Fantasy XV DLC Dated

During the night celebrations kicked off for Final Fantasy’s 30th anniversary with Square Enix confirming the release date for Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. That wasn’t the only confirmation has three pieces of DLC were also announced for Final Fantasy XV. The first is a booster pack that adds powerful equipment including suits that make the characters invincible for 30 minutes, and makes them look like Power Rangers. Once the suit is used it can’t be re-equipped for 24 hours. This will be out February 21st.


The second piece of DLC is titled Episode Gladiolus and is set to release on March 28th. This episode allows players to take on the role of Gladio in an original story episode. Another returning character will be Gilgamesh. The final announced DLC is Episode Prompto which is due in June, though details for that is yet to be confirmed.

Source: Gematsu

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  1. Is it me or do I not see a date for the first Dec?

  2. The first one is a bit naff. The rest, sound decent and unlike Capcom, it’s acceptable to do DLC now.

    Though, DLC for Final Fantasy is a bit odd to me. Just feels unnatural.

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