Project Cars 2 Confirmed For Late 2017 Release

Towards the start of the generation, Project Cars was the shining beacon of hope for those who desired a sim racer on PlayStation 4, and it drew a large audience when it released. It always narked me a little that Slightly Mad Studios announced and started to crowd fund a sequel within a matter of weeks of the original’s release, but I must say, Project Cars 2’s first trailer does look rather splendid.


The game is coming out in late 2017 for PS4, Xbox One and PC, and will feature over 170 cars (a big increase over the original), over 60 tracks, new motorsports disciplines and more big brands from the world of cars.

Source: YouTube

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  1. Nice. Colour me intrigued.

    The 2 main things for me are banishing the weird collision mechanic from the first game (as if each car is covered in velcro) and second, being able to see if another car is sliding/spinning in the online multiplayer.

    • I’d rather velcro than the new age repulsor tech that flicks you away in F1 2016.

    • Spot on Tom, needs some serious work in the collision department.

  2. Great news.
    Any word on PSVR support?

  3. Hopefully this time it will be payable with a controller without having to tweak 1000 different settings that you don’t really understand.

    This, and a career mode with some incentive to keep playing will be a decent start.

  4. Yet another game still in the wrapping that I must get around to playing. One day. Soon. Ish.

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