GreedFall Is Spiders’ Latest RPG, Coming In 2018

Spiders (the development studio, not the creepy crawlies) were clearly paying attention to our features yesterday, as just 24 hours after I said we need more politics in video games, they’ve announced GreedFall, a “politically-charged fantasy RPG”. Perfect.


In development for PS4, Xbox One and PC, and with a release planned for 2018, GreedFall will take us back to a 17th century world, albeit one that’s full of magic, mercenaries and treasure hunters on a remote island.

While combat will obviously be an option, Spiders are looking to emphasise the ability to use diplomacy, deception and stealth to complete your goals, and your choices can have ramifications that alter the balance or power between the factions on the island.

Source: press release

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  1. Lovely trailer from a thematic perspective. Very interested to see how this turns out. Cheers, Tef. :-)

    • Fingers crossed they can really deliver this time around. The last couple of games from Spiders were on the underwhelming side of things. People want to be whelmed.

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