King’s Defold GDC Competition Winners Announced

A couple weeks ago, we spoke to Ragnar Svensson about the creation of the Defold engine, how King are using it, and what it means to them to be allowing this engine to be used for free by anyone that wants it. Having announced the the engine would be freely available at last year’s GDC, they’d also decided to hold a competition to host six indie devs using their engine at King’s stand at this year’s show.

Those six winners, as announced on the Defold forum, are:


Hook, Line and Thinker – Connor Halford and Andrew Dodds

A game that could previously be found in development for Pico8, with a playable game jam version of the game here. It’s quirky little puzzler, in which you guide a fishing hook to the fish, before trying to reel them in, avoiding the hazards in the level.

Bring me Cakes – Alexander Titkov, Alexy Gulev, Vyacheslav Borovik

Little Red Riding Hood’s off to visit her grandmother, who loves nothing more than cakes that, for some reason, are dotted around the forest. With simple one finger controls, you guide Red around each level, trying to avoid, you guessed it, the wolf in the process.

Pet Petters – Seepia Games

Look after pets in your daycare centre, where they simply want love and attention. This is an endless clicker, or a “pet clicker” as the game’s description reads, so once you’ve petted Rufus the dog enough times, you’ll probably want to be hiring people to pet him for you, growing your budding business into a vast animal petting empire.

Smash Bash: Date with the Desert – Rising Wave

A story of four orphans who just want to find a new home, this is a procedurally generated four player local coop game, full of bullets, zombies, dieselpunk and big old robots. A demo version is playable here, and it’s planned for release in Q1 for Steam, with mobile coming down the line.

Enter the Infinite – Sasha Kemper

Another “idle” game, but this time in space. After a little while, the game starts to play itself for you, allowing you to focus on customising your ship with new equipment skills and perks, until such a time as you command huge capital ships with tons of cannons, point defence systems and more. The playable demo is here.

Beyond the Fairy Tale – Oleg Selyukov, Dmitry Chesnokov, Daria Nasretdinova

Sadly, I couldn’t find much about this game, outside of the artwork on the winners announcement post… so, here is that image:

Source: Defold

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