Destroy All Humans In X-Morph: Defense

Exor studios have taken to the PS Blog to detail X-Morph: Defense, a twin-stick shooter / tower defence hybrid with a twist. Rather than protecting Earth from invading forces, you are the aliens and have to stop the humans.

“One of the game’s key features is that the levels are built in a way similar to the RTS genre rather than tower defence, so there is huge freedom in building,” explained Paweł Lekki, co-founder of EXOR Studios. “Say goodbye to predefined enemy movement paths. You can blow up a bridge with enemies on it or tear down a skyscraper to crush everything beneath and block the passage.”

It certainly looks exciting so colour me interested. The game will also launch on Xbox One and PC and if Sony had any sense, they would be asking Exor to make it for PSVR as well.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. I thought it was a Destroy All Humans crossover instead of a headline. :-/

    X-Morph is a bit of a risky name ain’t it? It won’t take much if Universal/Warner Bros etc.. are extremely protective of Xenomorph. If Sky(the utter funts that they bucking are) managed to sue both MS and Hello Games over the word sky, X-morph is asking for trouble.

    Still, it seems like a decent fun little game to waste a few hours with. :)

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