The Apocalypse Now Kickstarter Has Been Cancelled

“The initial Kickstarter wants to raise $900,000 , but they will also be trying to raise $5 million to finish the game, with a release date of October 2020. That does seem a lot, the days of massively funded Kickstarters are long gone,” said a wise sage (aka me) when the Apocalypse Now Kickstarter was announced, and sure enough it has been cancelled.

Crowdfunding has now moved to, “an engaging space where fans and backers can get the latest updates, communicate with the team making the game and continue to support the project through the entirety of the game’s development cycle.”


The game also has an estimated release date of October 2020. The new campaign aims to achieve $5.9 million, so far $168,685 has been raised.

UPDATE: Just in case you fancy backing the game then it’s worth reading the small print.

Backers can change or cancel their Pledge at any time before the Game reaches the funding level sufficient at which Erebus decides to proceed with the development of the Game (the “Trigger Point”). Erebus will announce on the Site when it achieves the Trigger Point. Erebus anticipates that if the Trigger Point occurs, it will be before Erebus receives commitments sufficient to entirely fund the development of the Game. In that case, Erebus will start Game development, but anticipates continuing to accept Pledges for the Game. Backers can increase, decrease, or cancel their Pledge at any time prior to the Trigger Point. After the Trigger Point, Backers can’t decrease or cancel their Pledge.

For the avoidance of doubt, in consideration of our good faith efforts to develop, produce, and deliver the Game with the funds raised, you agree that any amounts applied against Rewards Costs and Game-Related Costs are deemed earned by us and non-refundable, regardless of whether or not we are able to deliver the Rewards and/or complete the Game.


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  1. They’ve raised even more money in the past hour. Another $305. Assuming the number above was correct when you published it and you hadn’t sat around on it for ages.

    So, some simple maths suggests they’ll reach their original $900,000 goal in 75 days. Or the $5.9m in just over 18 months.

    Of course, they probably managed to persuade some people who original pledged money on Kickstarter to do the new thing in the past couple of days. Not quite all of them though.

    It’s not going to happen, is it?

  2. 5.9 Million dollars? Are they serious? I mean, 5.9 million dollars? I’m no expert but i’m fairly sure that some publishers do not use that as a budget due to them needing to keep costs down and the tech being developed in house or existing engines can be leased. I understand that it may be due to licensing that ramped up the costs but almost 6million for a game based on a film? That is too much to ask due to the very bad reputation(and one it’s earned) of movie based games. Freaking Rambo got fecked up a few years ago. One of the easiest things to turn into a game and they fecked it! I mean, come on! Snake Eater didn’t provide anyone with an idea to well, clone it? Or an aggresive third person shooter? Get Sly involved, let him write the plot as i think, he had one more story but had to scrap the film because of his age.

    I did hear once that Kickstarters were used to gather interest. They should have done that with a reasonable figure of say, 20k. Very low for game development but i’m sure Warner Bros or whoever owns the right to the film would be willing to give it a shot.

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