Check Out All The Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Info From Fan Fest 2017

The Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2017 was Square Enix’s platform to give fans a heap more information on the forthcoming Stormblood expansion, with much of the presentation drawing plenty of cheers from the assembled crowd. Alongside confirmation of the new Samurai job class, we learned about many of the locations in the update.

Stormblood will bring a huge expansion to the world map, with the far Eastern continent of Othard offering a new expanse and new locations to explore. Primary amongst these will be the new city Kugane, the Eastern flavoured location from the trailer. A port town on the island chain of Hingashi, it’s a area with a strict isolationist policy, with Kugane the sole place that’s open to foreign trade. Violent acts are strictly prohibited within the town’s walls, although the footage we were shown indicated that not everyone follows these rules.

The new narrative will see you liberating both the previously announced Ala Mhigo, as well as the secondary Doma. Besides that, the key new field area is the expansive Ruby Sea which is rife with pirate activity. It’s here that you’ll be most able to make use of the update’s new swimming and diving abilities, and encounter the new beast tribe, the Kojin. A tortoise-like race who are skilled traders, their settlements lie both on land and under the sea, with producer Naoki Yoshida indicating that you’ll be able to visit both.

The Kojin believe that unique gods known as Kami reside in all things, and they collect treasures that house powerful deities. Key amongst them is the the second brand new Primal, the Lord of the Revel, Susano.

Much was also made of the new fourth residential district, Shigane, and the fact that home owners will now  be able to utilise double the items, with large mansion sized properties set to allow up to 400 items. At various points it was mentioned that PC gamers do need to begin moving to 64bit processors if they haven’t already done so, and sadly this will mark the end of support for the Playstation 3 version in order that the team can provide the best possible experience for PC and Playstation 4 owners.

Finally, and for some, most importantly, the Stormblood expansion will offer a welcome increase to your character’s inventory capacity, though they still weren’t prepared to say just how much further you’d be able to go.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is tentatively – their words not mine – set to release on the 20th June.


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