The EU PS4 Version Of Night In The Woods Delayed Until February 28th

Night In The Woods has been long time coming. The adventure game was first announced back in June 2014 and was expected to release in 2015. It was then pushed back to 2016 as the three person development team stated more time was required to finish the project. There was another delay and a new dates was set for January 10th 2017. That came and went without the game releasing. A final date was set for February 21st and all is going to plan.

That is unless you have a EU PSN account and wish to play Night In The Woods on PS4.


Yep, you’ll have to wait until February 28th. No other platforms or regions have been affected by this last minute delay, so if you’re going to get the game on PC, Mac, Linux anywhere in the world or on PS4 outside of the European region then February 21st remains the launch date.

Source: Twitter

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