March’s Games With Gold Will Include Evolve: Ultimate Edition And Borderlands 2

Microsoft has confirmed the March lineup of Games With Gold titles with the games being Evolve: Ultimate Edition, Layers Of Fear, Borderlands 2, and Heavy Weapon. All four will work on the Xbox One through backwards compatibility while 360 owners will get the last two games listed.

  • Layers of Fear: Available from March 1-31 on Xbox One
  • Evolve Ultimate Edition: Available from March 16-April 15 on Xbox One
  • Borderlands 2: Available from March 1-15 on Xbox 360 & Xbox One
  • Heavy Weapon): Available from March 16-31 on Xbox 360 & Xbox One

This isn’t the strongest line up we’ve seen from the Games With Gold service, but all services have on and off months.


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  1. So wait, they are giving away a free game for free? Evolve

  2. Is it just me, or does it seem like GWG gets games that were on PS+ ages ago (Borderlands 2 almost 3 years ago?), but it never seems to work the other way around?

    Obviously, someone can go and check the full list on both services for proof that it isn’t the case. I would, but yeah, bollocks to all that effort. ;)

    And didn’t Evolve kind of massively fail? And not get saved by going free on consoles?

    Still, Layers of Fear is a weird little treat for XBone people. Definitely recommend giving that a go.

    And we’ll get to find out what Sony are offering next week, and it’s 100% guaranteed to be better than February’s offerings, which were all terrible except LBP3, and that’s just broken anyway.

    • Is there any chance you could bugger off with your constant criticisms?

      I 99% saw this comment coming. Enough to put anyone off TSA for a month with constant sniping against this company and that company.

      • Any chance? Well, technically there’s always a chance of pretty much anything happening, no matter how unlikely. One particular interpretation of the weirdness that is quantum mechanics suggests there’s an infinite number of slightly different universes, and so anything is pretty much guaranteed to happen somewhere.

        In this case, it seems highly unlikely. I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen, or risk any money on such an outcome. Although I guess if I was paid to bugger off for it bit, things might be different. ;)

      • PS Plus in it’s prime was better than anything else seen before or since. Gold does seem stronger at the minute but that’s only because, as you said, Plus gave us most of these games years ago. That’s not to say Sony should stop trying now because they’re the ones ‘in front’ this gen.

      • He does it every single time. He still doesn’t get that there is no relevance or devaluation if a game has been on Ps plus earlier, despite his attempts to make it like it does.

        His expectations of these services is unrealistic. People like him don’t understand why they haven’t got GTA5 or the latest CoD game for free yet.

      • How did you come to that conclusion? Of course we’re not going to get GTA5 or a CoD.

        I think you’ve confused me with one of those people that moan every month that we’re not getting some “AAA” game. I quite like some of the smaller games we get (although not the February PS+ games, they were all shit)

        And yes, GWG or PS+ getting repeats from the other service _is_ relevant. If you’re one of the people that has both services (I’m sure there’s quite a few), you’re losing out. If it’s a game that one service had years ago, yes, it’s been “devalued” by now. Doesn’t look that great when it appears to be “well, this game is cheap enough to give away now we waited 3 years”.

        MS might have an advantage in terms of “AAA” games on their service, but they do tend to be older games. Sony still have an advantage in terms of number of games they offer (6 a month compared to 4), and in the value of the games offered (partly due to the extra games).

        Both services are absolutely worth the yearly cost though. Unless you have some weird objection to smaller games. Or don’t take advantage of the extra discounts that you get as well. Those PS+ discounts effectively mean I’ve not had to pay for PS+ for ages. And if I had an XBone, I’d probably be quite happy paying for their offering too. (Although personally I can see any reason why I’d want one, given that I’ve not got enough time or money to play all the games I’d want to play, and another console isn’t going to add anything extra I absolutely must play)

  3. Not bad.

    Sony gave us a AAA game last month so I guess we can all look forward to playing Pong or Pacman in March.

    • Did you play Pong on the PS1? It was reaaally good!

      • I haven’t but I just looked up a few screenshots and I wouldn’t mind getting that. PSOne was the best.

    • If they gave us Pac-Man Championship Edition 2, that wouldn’t be too bad. The whole “ghosts don’t kill you” thing put me off a bit. But the first game was stupid amounts of fun.

      People would still complain though, wouldn’t they?

      • It would be interesting (not really) to know what percentage of Plus subscribers actually download and play some of the more recent offerings in the lineup. I’m talking about the pixelated, Atari-looking, crap-fests that we seem to get every month. I imagine the numbers are low. Some months I don’t even download the games because they look so poor.

        I know we shouldn’t complain because poor games are still better than no games and I’m not really complaining anyway, just commenting on the fact that it has been months since I really enjoyed a game in the Plus lineup. I’m not going to cancel my sub or stage a one-man protest outside Sony HQ or anything silly like that – but sadly the quality of the Plus lineup is without question, a shadow of it’s former self.

  4. Not a bad month at all. Borderlands 2 is a classic, Evolve ain’t that bad, and the boost to the playerbase is welcome, Heavy Weapon is fun too. Haven’t played the other one.

    • After you accused me of being one of those “why do we only get indie crap instead of AAA games” people, I’d like to point out that Layers of Fear (or “the other one”) is an excellent game. A bit more than a walking simulator, with some wonderful weird stuff going on. And some cheap jump scares, but nothing wrong with that if you can manage to do it effectively.

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