Leave The Nest Heads To PSVR On March 14th

Kaio Interactive has revealed it will be releasing its Flappy Bird like title Leave The Nest for PSVR on March 14th. The game has been available on Steam for the HTC Vive for a little while now. In Leave The Nest players control one of 16 bird types as well as a bat as they fly through one of over 25 environments, dodging obstacles like ghosts and fireworks, as well as picking up different things to help out like a shield power up.

Now you may have seen it is being described a bit like Flappy Bird, and Kaio mean that literally.Each level is endless and the goal is to see how far you can get and you can use the Move controllers as wings, which means flapping your arms up and down to simulate the bird’s movements. If you don’t fancy that there is the option to use the Dualshock 4 instead.

Source: Press Release

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