FMV Adventure Late Shift Releasing In April For PS4, PC, And Xbox One

Wales Interactive has revealed a new FMV adventure game called Late Shift, with game being billed as a crime thriller. Players decide the actions of Matt, a person who is forced to take in part in robbery of an auction house, with each decision having an impact on where the story leads. There are seven endings in total that players can get depending on the decisions made.

Late Shift is set in London with scenes taking place across the capital city. Late Shift will be available to pre-order from today on the EU PSN Store, March 8th, and is going to be priced at £9.99/$12.49 with PS Plus members getting 20% while the game is available for pre-order.

Source: Press Release

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  1. This looks really good, great production, very interesting. Hopefully the acting is decent but to be fair at that price I’d be more than happy to take a punt whether it’s top drawer or maximum ham!

  2. Interesting.. With a name like Wales Interactive tho, I would have expected the game to be set in Cardiff.

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