Harmonix And Hasbro Team Up For DropMix

Harmonix has revealed its next project and this one is a new IP called DropMix, being developed in partnership with toy company Hasbro. This game is for mobile platforms and requires a DropMix board that connects to an app. From here you have to collect cards that are placed on the board, with each card representing different inputs of a song be it vocals or a certain instrument. As the cards are put down you’ll hear them remixing popular songs, and points are scored though it isn’t really clear how.


The first mode that will be released is Clash Mode and that can be played in either 1v1 or 2v2, with the aim of getting 21 points. DropMix will have more than 300 cards at launch and a number of popular songs available to remix, which you can see in the poster below.

Players will be able to save their mixes too, so they can be heard and used in various matches. A release is expected in September.

Source: Harmonix

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