Sniper Elite 4’s First DLC Releases Next Week

A little over a month since Sniper Elite 4 brought you some Valentine’s Day Nazi sniping, Rebellion have announced that the first single player DLC will be releasing on Tuesday 21st March, next week.

This will be the first part of a new mini-campaign called Deathstorm, with Karl back in action yet again to take on a fortress in northern Italy. Set after the events of the main game, it’s yet another mission of vital importance to the Allies, with the fate of the Manhattan Project resting on his ability to retrieve a package from behind enemy lines.

That mission is part of the paid DLC season pass, but as promised, all the multiplayer content for the game will be made free. A new Elimination mode for up to 12 players will be added, with the meat twist that killing an enemy lets you tag a fallen teammate back into the fight. There’s also a new map caled Nught Woods.

Source: press release

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