Ghostbusters For PlayStation VR Has Unexpectedly Materialised

Out of thin air, Ghostbusters has arrived for PlayStation VR. It’s one of those “immersive VR experiences” rather than a full game, and apparently you only lasts about fifteen minutes, but you do get to wield a proton pack and entrap Slimer.

Its the first of a number of chapters which has been developed with the help of franchise co-creator Ivan Reitman. “VR has always been something I’ve been interested in as a storyteller,” Reitman said. “The rules of VR are quite different in terms of how you use editing, multiple angles, and most important, how you tell the story.”

The title seems to be tied to the recent movie as on-screen beefcake Chris Hemsworth, who plays receptionist Kevin, can be heard in the clip below. I wonder if Mike Hatt will also feature?

The downside is that the first chapter costs $6.99, which does seem rather steep considering the length, but it’s much cheaper than the rubbish The Martian tie in experience. The game should be on the store right now but I can’t seem to find it.

Source: YouTube /Io9

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