Final Fantasy XV’s Big Chapter 13 Altering Update Is Now Live

Though Square Enix released Final Fantasy XV toward the end of last year, and it had a very positive reception, it soon turned out that the company actually weren’t done with the game. In fact, it was barely a week after the game’s launch that they announced that, in addition to bringing DLC to the game, they would be revisiting and altering parts of the main campaign, and Chapter 13 in particular.

That plan has come to fruition with the March update that is releasing today. In addition to Chapter 13’s overhaul – if you’ve finished the game, you can apparently revisit this section from the main menu – Noctis’ spells have been souped up, more of the world is explorable on Chocobo, the winners of the first photo competition have been included in the game for you to see, and this update lays the groundwork for the Episode Gladiolus character DLC that’s out tomorrow.


And to think I’d barely finished downloading the main game after last week’s unintentional fire sale!

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