Rumour Has It That Call Of Duty Is Returning To WWII This Year

Just last month, Activision CEO said that this year’s Call of Duty game would be taking the series “back to its roots“, and if the latest rumour or leak is anything to go by, that means the biggest FPS franchise is heading back to World War II. In fact, the game might well be called Call of Duty: World War II, or CoD:WWII for short.

The promotional material was originally sent to a YouTuber that goes by the handle TheFamilyVideoGamers, with the images then being hosted on Reddit, including both promotional material and photos of a special edition steelbook. While it’s rather easy to create quite convincing fakes online, this leak has been backed up by PCGamesN, who cite a confirmation from their own trusted source that this is legitimate.


See you on the beachhead, I guess?

Source: TheFamilyVideoGamers, Reddit, PCGamesN

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  1. Either this is a remaster of the original trilogy(which the name is very lazy but presuming it is a placeholder) or it’s a placeholder. Ironic that COD is returning to WW2 as a setting due to it sparking the WWII FPS spam back in the mid-late 00s. If they go back to basics, no Micheal Bayisms, no trying to outdo themselves, no QTEs and have at least a decent 6-10 hour SP, I could be convinced to give it a go.

    Shame COD in SPAAAAAAAAAAAAACEEEEE! didn’t work out as it seemed like a decent thing. Admittly, it was COD:Killzone:Directed by Micheal Bay edition but still, it was different.

    Though, COD needs to take at least a 5 year break. The engine has to be knackered at this point, the franchise is knackered and all of it’s appeal is lost as most folks will assume it’s just the same game every year with a different plot and setting.

    Even Ubisoft realised that AC needed a break and it only took them 10-20 games in a decade(ish) to do so. COD, COD needs a massive break. It needs to stop being an annual game. MP could be updated yearly and heck, just COD:MP edition with yearly cheap updates would sell thousands to millions.

    Activision needs to stop relying on COD as it’s their only egg left and whilst Blizzard gets a ton of cash in, Activision as a publisher is only known for COD nowadays. Still, better then godawful movie tie ins or getting the rights to superheroes, pumping out crap. Give back Deadpool to Marvel, Acti! I want a sequel to Deadpool and by a publisher that cares!

    Sorry, kinda went on a bit of a tangeant.

    Me want Deadpool 2:the game. The fact that we will get Deadpool 2:the Reynolds Affair before any likely signs of Deadpool 2 the game is a bit naff. :(

    • I don’t think I’ve ever seen COD written so many times before – not even on a menu in a fish and chip shop.

      • People say…..

        Oh feck, it’s not even funny to do that type of jokes anymore.



        What? I ain’t being serious with this. It’s a monday and I am the site’s resident lord of silliness. :P

  2. I don’t think this will surprise anyone, but it’s a welcome rumour all the same. The original and its expansion are still my favourites of the series, the storytelling and immersion were incredible at the time and if whoever takes this on can get anywhere near that quality then I’ll bite. Not bothered about multiplayer unless it slows down a lot, I’m too old and rubbish for anything quicker than Killzone.

    • Same… I can’t even watch someone play COD multiplayer, let alone play it. It seems ridiculously too quick to me.

  3. Glad to hear this, but I’m a bit apprehensive about who’s developing it. I think it’s Sledgehammer Games’ turn, isn’t it? I only briefly tried out Advance Warfare, but I wasn’t impressed. I’d be a lot more confident if I knew Treyarch or Infinity Ward were delivering this.

  4. I still haven’t played black ops 3 which is in my backlog so I shouldn’t comment on this article. But just did.

  5. Sick. Said right from the launch of the PS4 that I’d love to storm the beaches of Normandy again, like in Medal of Honour.

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