Destiny Spandex Leggings Are A Thing

The Bungie store has been updated and amongst the usual tat – posters of weapons, t-shirts, that sort of thing – are three rather brightly coloured items for those who are body confident. Figure hugging spandex leggings, each one themed around a Destiny Warlock, Titan, or Hunter.

Made in USA by Bombsheller with material sourced from Italy, the leggings are made from an opaque, 4-way stretch polyester/spandex blend, with breathable, moisture wicking material. Perfect for those late night raids on Crota, right Tony C?

Source: Bungie Store

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.


  1. Could I get away with wearing these?

    • I’m not sure anyone could get away with wearing those.

      At best, it’s just wrong. At worst, I’d look like someone stuffed a condom full of cushions.

      Did I just say “I’d look like” there?

  2. just don’t try flying on united airlines while wearing them.

    the red and blue pair look kind of cool, though i so don’t have the figure for them.
    my arse would not look like this.

  3. Right… Im going out this weekend and finding myself a missus who fits into those, then buying her the 3rd pair, as they’ve got some cool 70s colour scheme going on.

  4. “Can also be used as a cosy for your favourite legendary weapon”, said no blurb anywhere.

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