Oh My Godheads Heads Into Steam Early Access Today


We do love a bit of Oh My Godheads, the frantic multiplayer capture-the-head game that we played recently at Rezzed, and now all of you, the great unwashed, can enjoy it too. The game is heading into Steam Early Access today at 5PM.

Essentially a game of capture the flag with modifiers, each godhead has a different effect, whether it’s occasionally reversing your controls, emitting pulses of water that stun you as you try and get close enough, or simply weighing an absolute ton. You have to work closely with the other player on your side in this 2v2 brawler. Simply put, it’s just a lot of fun.

Fingers crossed it’s only in Early Access for a short amount of time, and does well enough that it gets brought to consoles. I can imagine lunch breaks with this on Nintendo Switch being an awful lot of fun!

Source: press release

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