The News At Sixth: 18/09/18

Hello there, welcome to Tuesday’s round-up of news which includes an interesting report that postulates that video games can reduce violent behaviour rather than increase.

Also today

RGX Racing is out today on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and is today’s winner of the coveted “Game That We Have Never Heard Of Until It’s Released” trophy. It’s been created by people who worked on Burnout and Split/Second.


Oh My Godheads will launch on Nintendo Switch on Thursday 24th September 2018.

This section of TSA really should be renamed “Also today… here’s all the games being ported to Switch”, because here’s a launch trailer for Undertale. On Switch.

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  1. See over on EG there’s news afoot about loot boxes coming under closer scrutiny and potential regulation which would be nice. I don’t see why (MONEY ASIDE….) the likes of EA don’t just go down the Fortnite route. Scrap the randomness / chance and just let players buy the ‘skin’ or whatever they want and know they’re getting for a known price. I’m sure they’d still make a pretty penny. Fortnite’s model to me seems the epitome of fair, reasonable and informed in this regard. You know what you’re getting, you know how much you’re paying and it don’t impact on gameplay and Epic are still making a boat load of cash in a fair manner. THAT, in my view, is how IAPs / digital purchases should be! But that’s just me and I hate paying for digital.

    • Sorry. See you have similar article so will copy and paste most of my comment to there too.

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