This Is Pool Announced By Hustle Kings Developer VooFoo Studios

VooFoo’s dalliance with top down arcade racers has been put to one side, as the studio return to their old stomping ground with This Is Pool. Having cut their teeth with the Hustle Kings and Pure Pool games, this is now an independently owned and published IP. It’s coming to PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC in early 2019.

Using a new version of their own in-house game and physics engine, this aims have even shinier balls for you to poke with sticks in an even more realistic manner. It will feature every rule-set known to man and rule customisation alongside that, with practice mode, mini-games, career, trick shots, scenarios and both local and online multiplayer. You can also play it with a top-down camera view, if you like.

Source: press release

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  1. I enjoyed Hustle Kings so this one should be good.

    Is there any news on PSVR support?

  2. I was part of the closed beta…this game is amazing. Everything Voofoo doo is very good…I’m a big fan of Pure Pool but Ripstone owned it and limited what the devs at Voofoo could do.

    This time, like Mantis Burn Racing, they will self publish.

    It will be a great game.

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